Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday to dots and spots!

Today we are 2!

And to celebrate I'm giving away over £60 of dots and spots goodies to one lucky reader.

Its amazing how much we've grown since my very first, tentative footsteps into the world of business and had my first range of cards printed.

Enter the simple competition and you could win a notebook like those above, a roll of decorative tape like those below, and more!

I'm so grateful for all your support, encouragement (and custom!) over the last couple of years.

The lucky winner will receive ALL of the following:

How to enter!

To take part in our birthday celebration giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment below, telling me what you'd like to see next from dots and spots. Please suggest one new design and one new product. For example, Cupcakes would be a design and notebooks is a product.

It doesn't matter if someone has already suggested your idea, please take part and enter anyway (although the more original ideas the better) - who knows, your idea could be the inspiration for the next great dots and spots design or product!

The names of all those who enter will be put into a hat. Any blog followers who enter will have their name put into the hat a second time (not yet a follower? Its simple and free - click on the 'follow' button in the right hand column to start following my blog and double your chance of winning!) and anyone who posts a link to the blog will also have their name put into the hat a second (or third!) time.

Good Luck!
I look forward to reading all your suggestions.


dots and spots

Cards and gifts you'll want to send and give.


Anonymous said...

Oh my word - what a giveaway! My suggested new product is paper bunting, and new I'm a football widow and football Mum I guees it has to be football? Thanks for the chance to enter.xx

Bluebell said...

Happy Birthday!

My theme of choice would be chickens and I'd like to see them on a poster :)

Thanks for the chance to enter - such a generous giveaway!

Kate :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dots and spots :-)!

Theme: teapots
Product: stickers

I would love to see teapots on stickers cause I love sealing my envelopes with a sticker and I love teapots.

KC'sCourt! said...

I would love any adaptation on the Clarice Cliff designs. They are quite wonderful!
Julie xxxx

Katrin Klose said...

Happy birthday to you :-)))

My suggested new product is a clipboard and my new themes of choice
would be bags & shoes ... , like all women I LOVE to buy some new .

Best wishes from Germany - Katrin

Sarah said...

well done on reaching 2, not surprised really as your work is wonderful, I'd like to see a fairy and product range well it has to be a calendar
Thanks Becky for a wonderful giveaway and long may Dots and Spots last! x

Feltmaker said...

Your flag designs on parcel tape - although I suspect it might be a bit pricey to get on the shelves :(

Emma said...

Happy birthday!!!
Oooooh, a theme would have to be roses, and I would love to see some pincushions in dots and spots sort of designs!!!
Thank you for a great giveaway- so exciting!

Roberta said...

Well I've added you to my blog reader and retweeted your competition.

My theme would be farm life, tractors, cows, pigs etc
My product would be gift wrap and tags, lovely packaging to wrap up your gorgeous products.

Happy Birthday x

Isabelle - Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

What a great giveaway! My suggested design is: a village scene and suggested product is: folders.
Congratulations, I can see why you are doing so well, great products and ideas!
Take care
Isabelle x

TheMadHouse said...

Fab giveaway. I would love tea cups too, on note, book, notecards and tape. I am something of a tea monster!

Mermaid said...

Congratulations and a very Happy Birthday!!

Ohh...for a new product...RIBBON and a new design teacups or teapots!

Have a fantastic celebration....I assume you will celebrate and loads of luck for the future.

Isla B Baby said...

My theme of choice would be sailboats and seagulls on thank you cards as a good unsex theme, having 2 girls and a boy we now like unisex cards as they work for inviting and thanking girls and boys for presents after a party.
Congratualtions on reaching 2 years!

Something Wonderful Design said...

Happy birthday! How exciting.

A theme I think you'd do a fantastic job of is camper vans...

As for the product, how about bags, of the tote or shopper variety...?

Congratulations on 2 successful years, I am sure you will have many more x

daisy daydreams said...

A bookmark would be just fab, Im always loosing my page when reading. Dreaming lavender on the bookmark - to get me in the mood for a long dreamy sleep. Happy Birthday Dots and

Lisa said...

Notebooks or shopping pads with dotty pictures of shopping bags on them.
Congrats on your happy 2nd birthday.
Lisa x

Country Cottage Chic said...


How about paper bunting with teapots, tea cups & cakes on?


zazu Jewellery said...

Wow what a fab prize!
I would like to see an organiser to remember peoples birthdays.
The new theme would be shoes!

Congrats on your birthday

Ruth said...

Happy birthday from Holland. Love your blog and website. My suggestion: Toys, dolls and teddybears on a familyplanner (weekly)

Miss Bee said...

Oh Wow what a great Give Away!
For a product I choose a doorhanger and theme of it will be night and day. On one side the moon and stars and on the other side the sun and butterflies.

I wish, I wish, I wish...

laura kirtley said...

Hi and Happy Birthday to you! I think you could do a cupid and heart design which would work well as there are not featured much at moment and everyone loves little angels!. Or maybe a alice in wonderland take off with eat me cakes amd mat hatters, march hares would work well. I would like to see an advent calender at christmas with a different design each window and also invitations for my sons and daughters partys with co-ordinating party bags, finally why not do a 2011 diary and address book I think your designs are so pretty I would love to see lots more products!

Tillyboo said...


Wow, look how far you've come ... you must be so chuffed, and so you should be.

Theme: Christmas
Product: Advent Calendar

Looking forward to seeing what your choices are !
Lots of love, 23BeechHill

Fiona said...

Happy Birthday! Hmm... how about product: noteblocks, design: I think you'd do a quail very well (I've done one in my letters poster for the letter Q!). Quail's are cute, interesting, and good markings including spots! :)

Lorna said...

Wow, lovely prize.

Hmmm, new product = wallpaper

New theme - vintage tractors or cars

wally12345 said...

My choice would be Russian Dolls - and on EVERYTHING!!! :-) I love Russian Dolls, and I Love everything you offer !!! :-(

Many thanks for this fabby competition - hope to win!!! xxx

Tiger Teacher said...

Gorgeous prize! My ideas:

Theme: cats & dogs
Product: note clips (eg pegs?) on magnets....

And happy birthday!

Muddy Puddle Crafts said...

How about a range with garden creatures & bugs, dragonflies, butterflies, ladybirds, bees, spiders, worms etc. The product I'd like to see is kids partyware, the full monty from invites to plates to banners etc. Happy birthday, thanks for the FAB giveaway xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to yooou!

I would love to see a Bunny design, maybe on a card or notebook. ☺

craftycardssue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
craftycardssue said...

How about a spots and dots toilet roll - it would certainly be a good talking point and would make an ideal and inexpensive gift for your friends both male and female

dottydaisies said...

happy birthday to yooooooou!!!I would love to see some strawberries and a new product could be stickers - would love to put them on the back of envelopes etc .x

melvis said...

Happy Birthday!! xx

Theme: Kites
Product: Postcards

Thanks for the giveaway :) xx

Anonymous said...

I am your number one fan!!!!
Stickers and lots of mini sweets!!!

amanda said...

oh my suggested new product would be stickers for adding to the front of gift packaging, so much simpler that gift cards.
And a new theme would be an extension of owl theme with other woodland creatures,birds,hedgehogs,frogs,
rabbits,badgers etc.
what a wonderful give away.

Emma said...

there are so many gorgeous items on your website, thank-you for doing this giveaway.
An idea for a new item is garden items such as decorated flowerpots & new design is sports themes for events like the world cup & wimbledon.
i follow your blog & on twitter(@emmav6)
happy birthday!
emma x

SNOW QUEEN said...

Your designs are so lovely!
my suggestion is fruit designed preserve jar label sets(for all those homemade jam makers out there) and t-towels to match!
Thanks also for the opportunity to enter such a lovely competition!x

AngelEden said...

Hello, just discovered you on twitter and now a follower there and here. Your products are lovely.

As for a suggestion how about ducklings on a linen style ribbon?

Christals Creations said...

I was looking for something for my Dad for fathers day so I'm thinking some thing for boys. He is a vintage car driver, specifically Frazer Nash but perhaps a vintage car theme overall with Nashes included as they are little known being quite rare now.
A notebook with a wipe clean cover or a clip file for him to put his papers in and scribbles when in the workshop.
Fiona @ Christals Creations.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Wow you have done so well.

Theme: Gingerbread man
Product: (personlised) guestbook

Best wishes,

Angela said...

A range of small gift bags would be wonderful, maybe raspberries, jam tarts, seed packets,or any of the deigns we already love. Also labels for preserves with any fruit, veggie or garden theme. Can't believe it's two years.....

Glamglass said...

Great giveaway!! I would suggest summer sun and gift tags!!
Thanks :-))

Colourart said...

Well done! Happy Birthday.

My suggestions:

Product: Calender
Theme: Seasons. Using different deisgns to represent the different months of the year. Summer: strawberries, spring: flowers and so on.
Best Wishes
Amanda :o)

Owen said...

Clothing can't be too far away now ur 2! I would suggest something fairly uniform size-wise, like hats, scarfs or belts before pitching against Kitston with summer dresses, swimwear and towels!

(Also doesn't that Children in Need bear wear a very spotty neckerchief - could there be some (non-profit) exposure down Pudsey's avenue...?


Sally-Anne said...

Hi Becky - congatulations on being 2 :)
My suggestions for possible new products would be a bus pass holder and a passport holder and maybe a spoon rest for the kitchen. My designs are Cats, or a little boy and girl (like our children) with dots and spots outfits on. You could use these on 'thank you for being a wonderful teacher' cards etc. Keep up the fabulous work :) Sally Barnard

Sophie Shields said...

Happy Birthday

Loving your work, and planning to buy one of your owl posters when we redecorate our nursery

Would love to see some cheeky monkeys, and some baby products -maybe vests? They'd make great new baby presents.

Moobaacluck said...

Been trying to rack my brains and keep thinking Tea towels... um...pencil cases too.. definitely stickers of some sort :)
Wouldn't want to limit you by saying what should be on them! X Gabs

milly said...

Happy Birthday Hun!

I think a calender would be great, with different images relating to the different months. Xmas scene at xmas, camper van & beach huts in the summer, gardening & chickens in spring, wellies in autumn for example. Oo, I can see it now xx

Shabby Chick said...


I would love to enter your giveaway please! I would suggest for a theme paisley and roses, always a lovely classic combination and for a product aprons :)

Mel xxx

Julie Cliff said...

Product - old fashioned wax sealer or stamp
Design - Vintage afternoon tea theme!

This would be amazing as I have been after something like this for ages, I would seal all my correspondence with them, being Vintage and Cake this would be perfect!

What a generous giveaway! x

Claire Hurd Design said...

Happy Birthday!

I would love to see a range of paper cups and plates for parties. The theme could continue on from your lovely summery beach huts and include boats and other seasidey things.

Claire x (blog follower)

Rosemary said...

Hello, happy birthday! Teacups or cream tea theme would be nice, and I like the idea of a calendar, with a selction of your different designs.

Good luck for your next 2 years and more!

Burton Real Nappies said...

My theme would be daisies, and I'd like to see them as bunting or gift wrap. Wonderful giveaway, thanks for chance to enter!! x

Button Patch said...

Happy Birthday to you! Well done on all you have achieved in the last 2 years.

I would love to see some coffee pots and the product would be post-it notes.

Heres to many more happy birthdays!

Ickle Scamp said...

I would love to see the iconic London Red bus designs along with Big Ben cards
(Big) Sophie in Sydney


Happy 2nd Birthday Becky and Dots and spots! What a fab lot of goodies to win :-)

I think calendars would be a huge hit and for your next theme how about ladybirds. Gemma xx

edamay said...

Hello & Happy 2nd Birthday!!

I would like to see pens and / or pencils covered in dots and spots. Also pencil cases / tins to put them in. These would be great to go along side your notebooks xx

The Cupcake Cupboard said...

I would like to see fabric bags with a seaside theme please. That would be awesome!

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Hmmm ... farmyard animals: pigs, sheep, cows (one or all) on tape or posters. My preference would be for spotty pigs ;o)

Congratulations on 2 dotty spotty years!

Sue x

Monique said...

My daughter wishes there were school notebooks or a simple bag to take her books to school, sports would be her theme. I would like to have coasters with a garden theme....

Helensh said...

How about squirrels and hedgehogs and well on just about anything of your range would be fab! Happy Birthday and congrats on such a wonderful, bright and fun product I have only just found you and think some of that tape needs to be mine!!

Helensh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
winnibriggs said...

Congratulations Becky, what a milestone.
How about invitation cards featuring all of your popular designs and perhaps buttons or cotton reels. xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
I would like to see a design of teapots on labels or gift tags.


GiddyGirl said...

Happy Birthday Dots & Spots! You have made such an achievement in just 2 years should be very proud!
Well, my suggestion for a theme would have to be Toadstools! (especially since I share your obsession with all things red and spotty!!) I also love toadstools and would buy everything!! (You could extend the range to little woodland creatures too)
As for a product..hmm a little harder as you already do so many lovely products. Maybe some notelets with matching envelopes. Love the stickers idea suggested too - could have stickers to seal envelopes.
Thanks for such a fab giveaway!
Heidi xx

mollycupcakes said...

Happy birthday lovely lady.
Fabulous giveaway, I'm so looking forward to seeing the winner.
Catherine x

Anonymous said...

happy birthday again!!!
i have been looking around and i think we need dots&spots fabric. a new design would be hearts, any shape nad form and any colour. i love hearts!

Butterfly-Meadow said...

oooh congrats on your 2yr anniversary! Love all your stuff!!

Theme: Butterflies &/or ladybirds
Product: bags, tape, or would love some 'waterproof' bunting!

look forward to seeing what you come up with next! x

Sew Very English......... said...

Happy Birthday Now You Are 2!

Fabulous Giveaway. My theme would be 'Party'- balloons, streamers, celebrations, Ages etc and my suggested new product would be 'Kids Party Stuff', napkins, tableclothes, paper plates, goody bags, which would all compliment invitations, thank u's etc....Also think about ceramics as well, that's it, I'll keep my fingers crossed now x

made with love said...

RaiOoo, I can't believe that I have missed this. I love your things and am very excited that you are now supplying a local shop of mine. I would like to see stickers for parcels in hearts for my shop products. Now then a new theme???? Hmmm, how about rockets for the boys.
Happy birthday. 2, wow, look how much you have grown;)
Well done on all your hard work,
Rachael xx

The Biscuit Boutique said...

Happy Birthday!!!
My theme would be cake balls!
and my product would be magazine and file boxes.

(check out petite cake balls on facebook if your not sure what i mean)

x x x

cnelson said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Another butterflies vote here and stickers or wallcharts for children.

Kelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I think your designs would look fab on baby vests and gros, I would like to see giraffes - suitable for boys and girls!

Happy Birthday!!!


Little Silverleaf said...

Congratulations and very big 'Happy Birthday'! Yours is such a brilliant business story! Anyway, my thoughts for a new product would be a celebration pack, i.e. a birthday book / calendar for keeping track of dates, all packaged up with a selection of your cards too so everything is in the one place! As for a theme, how about 'magic' - fairies, stars, witches, wizards etc. Anyway, hope your next few years are just as brilliant as your first few!

Carol said...

Happy 2nd birthday, Oh what a great giveaway. Now as cars feature muchly in my life, I would love chequered flags and vintage car on items like cupcake cases, teas cosies, oven mittens and paper naplins. Ideal for the petrolheads in my life.

From Lotus lover


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and well done to beat the recessions. I'd love to see board or spiral bound notebooks and how about piggies

Anonymous said...

Congrats! My design idea would be space rockets as there are never enough designs to suit boys and the products would be note pads and stationary.

What a lovely prize.

Claire - Inspire Creationz said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Just wanted to say what a fab blog.

My idea would be contemporary oriental notebooks

Claire xxx

Nickie said...

I'd like some country-style Union Jack bunting

Ruth said...

hot air balloon / kite passport wallets? xx Love your stuff, its all just too gorgeous!