Thursday, 3 June 2010

Seeing Stars!

So, the business is called dots and spots, and those that know me know that I love all things spotty and all things dotty, and spots and dots feature prominently in all my work.
Hence, dots and spots!

But while putting my new catalogue together, I was struck but how often stars appear in my collection.

(Sssh! Don't tell anyone, but I think the 'Red Star' is my own personal favourite decorative tape design!)

'One, Two, Twit Twoo!'

So perhaps it should have been dots and spots and stars!

dots and spots


Anonymous said...

Being married to a 'Yank' we have quite a few stars around at home. I would struggle to choose between stars & spots!xx

Muddy Puddle Crafts said...

thats fine because they are nearly all spotty stars !! boys need stars just like girls need hearts, I heavily feature stars in my work aimed at boys they just work xxx

winnibriggs said...

You are the star in your creations so it seems perfectly apt to include them...but I love your name just as it is.

Anonymous said...
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