Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My daily outing!

I am very lucky to be busy enough to visit the post office so often that now all the staff know me and are always friendly and helpful. But lately it's a daily occurrence and busier still since the arrival of our new catalogue.

Our first mail drop went today - slightly delayed as we had to get all our new products up on our website first and partly because we now have so many stockists, we need to develop a database (lots of typing!!!) more to post out by the end of the week - so don't worry if you haven't got yours yet.

Trouble is, the queue behind me!

''Never look back!'' is my new motto, as the annoyed sighs are very audible as I empty the contents of my bags onto the scales.


HeartfeltHandmade said...

this is oh so true, made me giggle reading your post office experiences. My post office is very small and the staff know me well now too, but you are sooo right with the tuts and shuffling of feet, especially at Christmas time! I will follow your lead though and will not look back either :o)
p.s. the cataogue is looking fab, well done.

Vintage from the Village said...

I will remember that motto !
I try and tell myself I may have 'piles' but I am still faster than lots of the old folk who cant find their glasses or remember their PIN etc ha ha
Sue x

KC'sCourt! said...

I have to say I actually worked for Post Office Counters in a little two-man post office where there was only usually one of us on unless it was very busy like at Christmas or after Bank Holiday Mondays and saw the horrendous queues from a different angle! Quite honestly I didn't care if customers had one little letter going abroad or one parcel or a pile of parcels, I didn't care about the shuffling of the feet or the tutting, one customer can only be served at a time and if I chatted to them which some people appreciated it would be the next person's turn soon! The only persons who actually shuffled and tutted were the non-regulars, the ones that came to us if there were horrendous queues at the main post office! So don't worry especially if you are a regular customer and they know you.

kirsty said...

Hi Becky - it's been a while! I missed your birthday and everything - sorry! I feel guilty sending a load of parcels too, but yours look so pretty! How dare you have such nice bags? Everyone in the queue is bound to hate you!!

@home said...

How do I get hold of one of your lovely brochures? I have looked on your website and theres no link to it that I could find? :(

Anonymous said...

hard work i would be tired