Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fed up of the rain!

 If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know just how much I hate the rain and I must confess this recent spell of cold, wet weather is beginning to annoy me now. I know we need the rain but it's been cold and miserable for 2 weeks now and is set to continue - it just makes me crave the sunshine.

 I want to be wearing my flip flops not my big thick winter boots as we approach the month of May! This is the view from my studio window earlier but I took the opportunity of a very small break in the showers, to get out for my daily walk around the park - yes I am still doing it!

 I have been walking with Jeff every day as he has been on holiday, sometimes very reluctantly I must confess. So I thought I would take my camera with me today, to prove I had been, as he is now back at work.

 I'm glad I did, as the bottom stream had completely burst it's banks and all the rain water we've endured had formed it's own stream

 down along the grassy bank.

So walk complete, I am now at home in the dry alone for the first time in nearly a month. I have so many bits to catch up on before the school run rears it's head but first coffee, crumpets and a banana await.


Jo + Adam said...

Well done on getting out if this weather - it's very inspiring! I used to live in a rainforest in NZ, it rained 7 metres a year & I loved it. Yet, when its raining here in Blightly it seems so less appealing to go outside...

dots and spots said...

Really - I hate the rain - really can't muster an ounce of enthusiasm for the stuff - best not move to NZ rainforest then;0)

Fleur Cotton said...

Really impressed with your commitment to your daily walk! A great way to clear your mind and have some 'me' time in between the madness.

Hope the Swan is coming along nicely.

We have torrential rain here too in Cheshire.
Have a good week.
Fleur xx