Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Changes and a quick catch up!

Lots going on behind the scenes here, so time for a quick catch up.

We have a new car! After my encounter with 'the' tractor, our beloved old Citroen Picasso was declared a 'write off', so after some hasty searching we came across this mean machine. So far, so good, everyone likes it and it's lovely to drive. The boot space is big enough for all those orders, so fingers crossed it will be a good car for us, as long as we avoid all tractors!!

Sam has finished his SATS. He really wasn't too bothered about them and thinks he's done okay. I always stress 'do your best and that's all we can ask of you'. He then moves into his final half term at Ditcheat Primary after half term week, before Secondary School - growing up way too fast!

Sophie - well she has made a very grown up decision to change Secondary schools. After half term she will move to the school Sam has chosen to go to in September. Logistically it will be the best for us all. Academically, it will give her more opportunities and option choices and fingers crossed, she makes some lovely new friends. It's a hard decision to make but I feel it will be for the best.

And Jeff - well he has a new job! 
There was much celebration here for sure.
He'll be teaching GCSE and A Level Maths again, in a VERY good school in Bath.

The redundancy has been a truly awful thing to go through as a family, probably the worst thing we have had to face in our 20 years together. It's really horrible to watch someone you love suffer the stress of losing their job. There was a period of consultation, following which an appeal process took place.

 As a result of a mutually agreed package, (I'm not able to go into the full details) I have Jeff's company all day every day from now, at home, on fully paid gardening leave!!

Don't worry, I have a list as long as my arm to keep him busy. dots and spots will of never been so organised, particularly on the website / technical front. All the things we never have time to do, will now get done! Even the leaky tap might get mended!!

So we go on our holiday 'sorted' - with the horrible episode, which I certainly don't wish to repeat, behind us. He'll be in a much better place on every level in his new job, come September! More than ever, I am really looking forward to the chance to relax next week, be spoilt (no cooking for a week) and enjoy quality family time together.


Anonymous said...

Oh what wonderful news! What a great positive post! I am truly happy for you all. Now you can enjoy your holiday knowing so much is now sorted. On and up from now on!! Best wishes Mandy :)
ps sorry for being anonymous but I don't have a blog or a google account but I do love to follow a few lovely blogs, including yours! In my spare time I am learning to sew little pretty things. :)

lizzieM said...

That's truly wonderful news Becky! Good things happen to good people! Brilliant! :-))))) x

Martina said...

Well done Becky, you all must be relieved!
(Love that halo above Jeff's head! :) )

Bronwyn said...

Well- things have worked out pretty well, haven't they? I am so glad. Enjoy the extra time with your hubby - it'll feel like it did before you had kids - maybe ;)

All things nice... said...

Well done, sounds like everything has worked out in the end, as my husband always say things happen for a reason and they will work out in the end.

All things nice...

Brightonbirdy said...

Hi Becky. So so please for you and the family. Sophie is amazing.... Such a very tough decision for a child at her age. Loving the halo too and firm believer in everything happening for a reason. Hope you all enjoy the break.

Applemint said...

Very pleased to hear that things are working out for you all, have a lovely holiday!

Vintage from the Village said...

Brilliant news all round! You can enjoy your holiday now. My daughter will also be in her last half term at primary school - tear in my eye just thinking about it!
Sue x

Sue said...

Hey Becky, Fab news for all concerned.We have always told our son "just do your best",all being well he graduates from uni this July!!
Have a FAB holiday
Best Wishes to you all,