Saturday, 4 May 2013

Tractor's - who'd have 'em?

 So my Friday school run was rather eventful. A tractor decided to reverse into my car whilst I was stationary. I couldn't reverse as I had a car behind me so I was tooting like a 'mad woman' but he just kept coming. 'I'm as deaf as a post love' he said, so I have a lovely crumpled bumper and a lot of hassle with insurance, car repairs etc. I've had to hire a van for Pulse as I've no guarantee that the car will be repaired by Friday - Sigh! 

So I declared a little retail therapy was needed. Sophie and I headed to Bath to do a spot of holiday shopping, chatting and together time.

I'm now relaxing in my 'spot' on the sofa.

Have a lovely weekend - the sun is set to shine here in Somerset on Monday so I'm going to be busy tomorrow, clear the 'to do' list and spend Monday in the garden.

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WinnibriggsHouse said...

Oh dear! Hope the car is soon better, and glad to hear that you are in one piece. At least you got to have some unexpected me time. Hope the sun keeps shining for you. It has been fabulous here today with temperatures reaching the 20s. Keeping our fingers crossed for an even better BH Monday.