Sunday, 12 May 2013


This morning I was up early on a Sunday - today it was time for Pulse.

Our hotel is literally just around the corner from Earls Court........

......our home for the next few days.

I was very dubious when this yellow carpet went down yesterday but to be fair, 'the yellow brick road' as we like to call it, leads all visitors to our aisle.

And here we are - Stand A8
It is a big stand 7x1m but I was offered an extra couple of meters free of charge as someone dropped out, so I was more than happy to fill it.

We've had a good day, we've taken orders and given out lots of catalogues to genuinely interested people. I've loved catching up with tweeters, facebookers, blog followers and Instagrammers - any excuse for a natter. Foot fall has been noticeably lower but I guess is be expected in these difficult times.

We ended the day in the pub - a beer, food and a chance to rest my weary feet, 
before we do it all again tomorrow!

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