Tuesday, 4 June 2013

IBIZA 2013

 Last Saturday we packed our bags and headed off to the sunshine,

to enjoy a week on the lovely island of Ibiza.

The hotel was lovely, slightly on the edge of the resort but the walk was do-able and as we'ed booked an All Inclusive package, we had very little need to go in search of anything.

All we had to do was enjoy the pool,

swim to our hearts content,

and have fun!

 It was cloudy once or twice and there was a breeze that did from time to time 'get up' and made you feel a little chill but then we had books to read, coffee and treats on tap and a comfy lounger to relax on.

There were plenty of days of brilliant blue skies

and warm evenings to take a stroll along the seafront.

 But most of all, we enjoyed quality family time together!


Jeff got to swim in the sea

and I got to relax by the pool.

The food was delicious - and for me, the real treat was not having to cook a single meal all week! There was so much choice and I must confess to putting on a couple of pounds but hey! it was my holiday.

So I have come back the most relaxed I have in years and coming home to blue skies and sunshine has made the week even more enjoyable. All the washing is done, mornings have been spent packing orders and an hour or two spent in the garden topping up the tan and enjoying the warm sunshine.

The perfect end to a perfect holiday.


Anonymous said...

How lovely that you had such a great holiday! Coming home to this sunny weather is a real bonus too! Best wishes, Mandy :)

Bronwyn said...

Welcome home! What great memories you have made! Your kids will remember this trip forever - they are at the PERFECT age!

Jay said...

What a wonderful week, nothing better than good family time, especially in the sunshine.

Pretty at Heart said...

Oooh lucky you - could do with some sunshine right now!! Unfortunately, we still haven't had any and its pretty cold on this side of the country!! :(