Monday, 24 June 2013

My favourite spot!

One of the best bits living where we do, is our garden. We benefit from having the local park behind us so 'borrow' a lot of greenery, although everything is looking green and lush at the moment.

 Despite living on a reasonably busy road, around the back it's lovely and peaceful.

We're not big gardeners but I do like to try and grow a few sweet peas every year, 
with varying degrees of success.

A lot of the plants are established - this honeysuckle smells divine, particularly in the evening.

The Aliums have been really successful this year and the seed heads are now forming.

So whenever the sun shines, you will find me hiding at the bottom of the garden, enjoying the peace and quiet and lovely view.


Bronwyn said...

I can see why you like spending so much time here. It's so green and lush! I am slowly trying to turn our yard into a green space like this but it takes time, doesn't it? I am in year 4 of a what seems like a 10 year plan. But it will all be worth it, right??

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Beautiful photos. It really is a haven of green.