Monday, 10 June 2013

It's done!

Back in January I started on the thought of a little studio re-jig, a little re-organisation and major sort out. It was getting in a right muddle and was full of 'stuff'. All I needed was a little bit of time!

By late April, with still no real time available, I did a mini move to get things started. The cupboard moved to the opposite side of the room and a temporary desk put in it's place. 

Now with a little time and and help, the re-jig is done and I'm chuffed to bits.
I've created more worktop space which was the main aim and I've had a really good clear out and de-clutter. My pigeon holes are now in place and look fantastic and I'm looking forward to spending time in here again - roll on another pocket of time for some design fun.


Anonymous said...

Wow! what a difference! I hope you enjoy spending time in your 'new' studio! Enjoy! Mandy x

Bronwyn said...

What a lively place to work - full of sunlight and colour. It's the perfect place for you to make your adorable cards!