Sunday, 18 August 2013

HAIRSPRAY the Musical

 Sophie got given tickets for Hairspray the Musical as a Christmas present
 and at last it was time to use them!

After working out how to get there, we headed over to Bristol for a morning's retail therapy, a nice lunch out followed by the show. I took this picture whilst having a morning treat in Carluccio's and it really struck me just how grown up she is now - in 5 years time she could be going off to university - now that is scary!

We also did a little Gromit hunting - you can read more about the Trail *HERE* 
It's just like the Swan Trail I was involved in last year in Wells.

Finally, it was showtime. It was most definitely worth waiting for. 
If it comes to a theatre near you, GO!
I just don't think you can beat live theatre.

We have tickets booked for Mamma Mia in October for mine and Sophie's  Birthday treat.
Something to look forward to.

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