Sunday, 4 August 2013

My weekend

Boy, did it rain yesterday? 
From midday we had torrential rain, back to the Summers we've been used too!

We went out in the evening to ASK in Wells to celebrate our Anniversary and celebrate Sam's end of Primary School/SATS results (a little late I know) What to wear in the rain!?!

After our delicious meal, we walked around the Bishop's Palace Moat.
It was steaming due to all the earlier rain.

This morning Jeff and I headed over to Frome, to the monthly 'Super Market' a mix of Artisan stalls, food and a small vintage Flea. The rain held off whilst we were there and it was really busy.



These sunflowers were stunning. 
If we weren't going to Cornwall for a few days, I would have treated myself to a few bunches - beautiful!

I did however treat myself to a new string of spotty wooden bunting for my studio.
Any excuse!!
I'm going to spend my afternoon packing for our mini break - hope you have a lovely week.

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