Saturday, 31 August 2013

What a Summer

What a Summer!
For once it feels like we have had a proper Summer - whole days of sunshine, periods of 2/3 days of nice weather, even a week or 2! The evenings have been warm and we have pretty much lived out in the garden. 
We also made a pact to be more active. The previous Summers have been so dire, that we really noticed last year how little we did, due to the rubbish weather. It started off as a bribe in the beginning, an attempt to get the children off the computers and out and about in the fresh air but we have all become much more active.

So we have made the most of the local lido - Jeff has swam pretty much 40 lengths every day for the past 13 weeks. Sam too has been nearly every day.

All of us have walked nearly 2 and a 1/2 miles every evening.

Whilst we were on holiday, everyone tried to be a little more active than normal.

So as the summer comes to the end, we have made a pact as a family to continue our good efforts. Every weekend we will swim, cycle or walk - dance in Sophie's case. We will continue with the healthy food choices we have made and hopefully all feel much better for it.

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