Sunday, 10 November 2013

Head down!

Autumn is the busiest time for me - it's a real juggle of time. Time at home and time for work and somehow, getting everything done and keeping everyone happy.

 The step up to 'Big School' has meant extra homework time. Both children seem to get quite a bit. Sophie is slightly better about being motivated and organised - Sam on the other had needs to be kept an eye on! We were all ready for the half term break, we now see it as a 7 week slog until the end of term.


dots and spots has gone into festive gear, well and truly.
There is no let up from making up stock, picking and packing orders and keeping on top of it all.

This does of course mean that Christmas is just around the corner. I treated myself to this little sign, a reminder to myself when it all gets too busy to think!

This was one of my first Instagram pictures I took last Christmas. It's a few weeks away yet but with the Christmas TV adverts in full swing last night, I am beginning to look forward to the festivities ahead.

It's my Birthday this week too - look out for a special Birthday code mid week. 
It will be valid for one day only but well worth having. 
A little Birthday treat from me to you!

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