Sunday, 24 November 2013

Where did my weekend go?

When I was teaching full time I never really felt I had much of a weekend, as there was always prep, displays, worksheets etc to do. When I changed to part time, I worked my days off, so that I could 'have' a weekend. When I started my own business, I thought I would have the luxury of a weekend off but as I've come to realise, I work harder now than I did then!

I don't actually mind working over the weekend, it just makes one week seem to go into the next and I loose all track of time. This weekend has been super busy. I worked in Maddie brown on Saturday and I did not stop - lots of Christmas shoppers out. I prefer it like that, so busy the day just whizzes by.

Today I have been over at the unit catching up on all my orders, so that they can go out in tomorrow's post. This weeks 50% FRIDAY wrapping paper offer was VERY popular, so many orders going out to happy customers in the morning.

So it's nearly 3pm and I'm sat with a coffee typing this post, thinking where has my weekend gone, no, where has my week gone! I can't quite believe that in 4 and a half weeks time it will be Christmas! I will need to find some time in the next few weeks to write my cards and shop for my own presents but I bet in a couple of weeks time, I will be sat here saying the same thing - where has the time gone.

Have a lovely weekend - the little bit of it that's left x

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