Thursday, 8 May 2014

A long 4 day week

On the one hand this week seems very short, a 4 day Bank Holiday week but on the other hand it seems a very long week - I thought today was Friday!!

I've just about caught up from last Friday's orders - all are packed and sent out and I've been spending time making up stock to fill the shelves again.

The weather has been on my 'work' side - as it's been soooo wet I've been getting as much 'inside' work done as possible. 

I'm waiting for the sun to come back and hopefully I'll be fully organised over at the unit to make the most of it when it does.

Despite the rain, the Allium's are continuing to bloom - the garden looks so very green at this time of the year after the rain. I've not checked on the veg patch for a couple of days as it's been so wet - I'm hoping the slugs and snails haven't been having a party in my absence!

So with the weekend nearly here and the forecast set for more rain, I've treated myself to this little burst of colour. I'm in the shop on Saturday so it won't bother me if it's raining although we have a few jobs to do down in the new bit of garden before half term arrives and it needs to be dry to get it all done.

Have a lovely weekend, whatever the weather.

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