Sunday, 4 May 2014

My weekend off

WOW! What a 50% FRIDAY - you all love a bargain and I've been completely inundated with orders, my best day ever - THANK YOU. I decided as it was my Saturday off this week, to enjoy the weekend and get stuck in on Monday.

The weekend started in style with Sam cooking tea - Panini Pizza's all round and they were delicious.

I paid for our holiday on Thursday so started off my Friday evening looking through brochures for next year. We're going in August instead of May this year, so won't book anything until we've been this year so we can see how Sam copes with the heat. I fancy Italy but know it will be far too hot for sure.

I started Saturday with my run/walk, still more walking than running but I'm proud of myself - I've been out every day now for over a week. I spent the rest of the day out in the garden - whilst I painted the garden fence, Sophie had her head in a book. I love to see her read, she's a real bookworm - long may it continue.

The weather was gorgeous so with the fence finished, I spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoying our new garden.

This morning I was up bright and early to go over to Frome to The Frome Independent.
It's on the first Sunday of every month and is great.

 Catherine Hill houses the Artisan sellers with their suitcases of wares, the food stalls are fantastic and sell the most delicious treats, then there's the flea. 

I love it, there's a great atmosphere - get there early if you're thinking of going, it gets very busy.

So the afternoon was spent back in the garden. Things are really taking off - courgette, onions and peas in the photo above and we've planted out the beans and some sunflower seeds today.  There's still a bit more space, maybe carrots or pumpkins next. I love just watching it all grow - it will be great when we can start eating it all.

So it's back to it in the morning. Jeff doesn't get tomorrow off so it won't seem so bad having to work on a Bank Holiday. I hate having lots of orders waiting so I'm hoping to get it all posted out on Tuesday morning. Next Saturday I'll be back in the shop and before you know it, it'll be half term. Time seems to be whizzing by at the moment - how can it be May already?


Dawn Pittan said...

We went away in August to Tenerife and I to was worried about the children coping with it but the did to our surprise. Your garden is coming on beautifully x

MargoBowBells said...

I love the little tea van !!!