Tuesday, 13 May 2014


I do love my flowers - I very much have a favourite for every season. I like to start the New Year with red tulips and hyacinth bulbs, full of promise. I then move onto daffodils and more colourful tulips. Now into early May peonies start to make their way into the shops, these will be followed by heavily scented lillies and then sunflowers.

I just love the big, blousy blooms and if you are lucky, heady scent.

I've treated myself to two Peony plants, in the hope that I might grow my own next year.
The vegetables are coming on a treat but no sign of the beans we planted last week yet.

We started on the seating area Sunday afternoon - we plan to gravel it once levelled. It's been one of those jobs we kept looking at, talking about but kept putting it off. The realisation of only one more Sunday to get it ready for the gravel delivery pushed us on to make a start.

I'm still in love with my Allium's out in the garden - I just love the way they stand to attention.
The forecast for the next few days is supposed to be sunny, so I have a long list of garden jobs to do so I can make the most of the sunshine.

Have a good week.


Jay said...

Your vegetable raised beds look so good and so organised - I've been inspired by a few blogs to try to grow something edible this year - fingers crossed.

dots and spots said...

Go for it @jay we are beginners - I'm crossing my fingers we get something from all our efforts

MargoBowBells said...

What a lovely idea with your flowers.....its a good way to watch the seasons turn and the year roll by.......I too love my fresh flowers...they are my treat and I get a lot of pleasure from them !