Saturday, 12 July 2014

He's back!

The wanderer returned!

Sam came home from Camp on Thursday absolutely shattered, so much so he dented his 100% Attendance record and had Friday off school to recover. He had a great time - 4 days outside in the fresh air! I think the school has it sussed - basically walk them miles every day, knacker them out completely, then they're all too tired to mess around. 

We've had lovely weather whilst he's been away - I even went swimming! Shepton is very lucky to have it's own Lido - a hidden gem. My legs have suffered badly from shin splints whilst running, so bad that I've had to stop, so I thought I might give swimming a go. I was quite proud of my 24 lengths as the last time I swam was on holiday last year. Admittedly Jeff swam 40 in the same time but he does go every day and I have to start somewhere.

Breakfast have been alfresco - such a treat.

I took the day off yesterday and went to Bath with a friend - it was so lovely to mooch, chat, have coffee, chat, have lunch, chat..... you get the picture! I treated myself to this fab spotty cosmetic bag for holiday and I couldn't resist the 'Fault in our Stars' Soundtrack.

The garden is flourishing in this gorgeous sunshine and for the first time in 4 years I have flowering sweet peas which smell divine.

Our Summer SALE is still on - ends on Friday so go treat yourself to a bargain whilst you can.

Have a lovely weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Glad he back safely and has had a good time! Your day out sounds like my kinda day out! Congrats on the swimming! Love the sweet peas! Mandy x