Thursday, 3 July 2014

This week is all about peas!

I'm celebrating because for the first time in 3/4 years I have managed to grow 'flowering' sweet peas.
Last year I had plenty of greenery but disappointingly only one flower late September but this year I have flowers......

The stems are really short but there is a flower, which smells divine.

I did treat myself to these off the market too - another one of my seasonal favourites.


Not only do we have sweet peas but actual peas too! And plenty of them.
There is nothing better than eating fresh peas straight from the pod.

I mixed these with a little dressing, mayo and mint and they were delicious.

I'm amazed actually how productive our little veg patch is, although I do think it is at risk of being taken over completely by the pumpkins or should that be triffids!! They've grown 3m already - they better produce some pretty good pumpkins too.

In the working world I've been busy sending out your  SALE orders....

.....with early morning trips to the Post Office thrown in for good measure.

I've also found a company that prints your Instagram photo's into actual paper copies.  I love digital photography but do miss actual photo's and worry that a whole chunk of time and memories will go amiss because I don't have physical photo's in a book to look at. I always made albums, which the children still enjoy looking at but from Sophie at the age of 7 and Sam 4 (they're now 14 and 11),  it all stops and all those memories seem missing some how. I know they're on the computer some where but it's not the same. My long term plan is to go back through the year's and make some mini albums of printed photo's to capture those missing years and I plan to print recent photo's a lot more often

Here's the sort of thing I'm talking about - this fabulous picture of Jeff and Sam captured one evening in Wells, which would be forgotten in amongst the copious images stored on the computer. It is a little daunting but when I find a pocket of time, I WILL get it done!


lizzieM said...

That's on my 'to do' list too Becky... I have ones round the house when they're toddlers and nothing for years.... one day!!!! challenge on!!! :-) xxx

dots and spots said...

You're on @lizzieM - although if they don't get done this Summer, I won't get a minute until at least February (Christmas Madness!)

dots and spots said...
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