Monday, 7 July 2014

Weekend round up

I'm not a huge reader - I need time to be able to read as once I start, I don't want to put the book down and I'm just too tired to do that on a normal day. Reading a book is now relegated to the holidays or the Summer when I can completely commit! I recently read 'Fault in our Stars' - a Sophie recommendation. At the time I had no idea it was be made into a film, I just enjoyed the book - a beautiful, sad, love story. So when Sophie wanted to go with her friends to see the film, I tagged along too.

The last time I went to the cinema was 2 years ago to see One Day (where does the time go?) - I then had read the book first so knew what to expect. I knew Fault in our Stars was going to be sad but ...... If you do go to see it take a box of tissues with you. It is sad but it is also a love story and very true to the book. 

Saturday was a pottering at home kinda day - then on Sunday I went and had a mooch around the Frome Independent Market.

 It's a great market - always busy, great stalls, delicious food and a fabulous atmosphere. It's on the first Sunday of every month and well worth a visit if you are local.

I love the Flea the best - I'm always tempted by something and this week was no exception.

The afternoon was spent in the garden making the most of the sunshine. Sam helped pick some peas for tea. He has a limited palette due to a condition 'Heightened Senses'. He has always struggled with tastes and textures and when younger was often sick, so became reluctant/unable to eat a variety of different foods. I'm hoping if he grows various vegetables, he might feel a little more willing/able to try!?!

Peas are one of the three vegetables he does eat already, although it took nearly 5 years of 'trying' to get there. He wasn't so keen on the raw peas as the flavour was too strong but did eat them cooked. We're going to try beans next, if we get any! 

I'm going to miss Sam - as this morning he's off to camp for the week. The school have been very good about his eating - we've had a chat and he's gone off with some emergency supplies in case he needs some extra energy. We've gone through the menu and tried some of the foods he'll be having, like butterscotch Angel Delight in an attempt to help him fit in like everyone else. He'll be fine, it will be me who sits at home worrying and if he ends up living off bread for 4 days, so be it. 

Have a good week - although it will seem a rather long one for me x


Anonymous said...

Oh I so know how you feel. I am never good when mine go off on a trip. So much to worry about as a mom! Is Sam a fussy eater? If so I have an extreme one of those! Hope he gets on ok. Hope you survive the week too! Hugs. Mandy x

dots and spots said...

Sam has suffered since tiny. When babies would posset up something they didn't like, Sam would empty the contents of his stomach. He can't cope with textures - it was explained as being like an orchestra in his mouth. He's the only child I know to be sick on a chocolate finger because he couldn't cope with chocolate and biscuit at the same time. He's a complex little thing with all 5 of his senses affected in one way or another. We've lived with it and learnt to get on with it but when he goes away he finds it hard to explain as it doesn't have a proper label - he'll be fine - he has a bag of supplies just in case. x

Anonymous said...

Oh bless him. I feel for him and for you. But he seems like a lovely lad from your blog and I am sure he will have a fun time. Great that he has a bag of supplies just in case. That's reassurance for you both. Goodnight. Mandy x