Sunday, 31 August 2014

Goodbye August

So it's the end of August and the end of the Summer - Jeff goes back to work tomorrow, the children back on Wednesday. It's been a great sunny, Summer and we've had plenty of time together as a family to enjoy it with trips to Cornwall and Majorca.

The garden with the new addition, has been wonderful and used daily with nearly all our meals enjoyed outside. The pumpkins are ripening up lovely - we've ended up with 6 in all. The beans are just about coming to an end but the courgettes still have a fair few more offerings to come.

My sweet peas have been the biggest surprise and success, after my previous poor attempts to grow them. I'm making the most of them whilst I can and if they're still flowering, I'm still cutting.

But I must say my sunflowers, given to me by a friend have been beautiful.
This was taken today - blue skies, glorious sunshine and although a little ladybird wanted to get into the shot, perfection.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.

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Primroses Attic said...

Glad you have had a great summer.
My sweet peas have been fad this year as well. My son starts 6th form Friday and my daughter is due to go back to Uni at the end of the month. The house will be so quiet.