Friday, 13 February 2015

Friday Weigh-in!

So just half a pound off for me this week - no idea why so little, given I've done nothing different but I'm okay with that in the grand scheme of things. A loss is a loss and it all adds up!

I have to remember the bigger picture on days like today - I've lost 3 stone with Slimming World so far and 4 and a half stone in total from me at my biggest. With just over a stone to go until target, I expect things will slow down - just not too much I hope!!

I tried on my little blue motivational jacket just to keep me focused. I bought this the week I started SW - it was a size 18 from White Stuff - I'd never been able to fit into anything from White Stuff before! I couldn't do the buttons up but was going to use it to motivate me along the way. It's now too big!

I have been asked again to share more recipe ideas - I'm always short on time on a Friday but will try to post a recipe a week over the weekend to share if you are interested. I'm not a fancy cook, I make a lot of it up as I go along but I'm happy to share some of the recipes that have helped me out along the way.

So a new week, half term week, which could be tricky as we've a few days out but planning is key and I shall try to keep 'on-plan' as best as I can.

Have a lovely weekend x


Anonymous said...

You look fab! Do you really need to lose any more? When I lost too much weight I was told it aged me. The guidelines for weight loss, I don't think are as always correct. You have done so well and should be very proud of yourself x

dots and spots said...

I'd like to get into my healthy BMI range so still a bit to go - I'm still technically 'overweight'

Anonymous said...

Never!! You have done so well keep it up x

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that the nearer you are to your target weight, the harder it is to lose weight. See how it goes but I would imagine it would be better to be a little overweight and maintain it rather than reach target and put weight back on. You have done so well and you look terrific! You should be extremely proud of yourself! Mandy x