Sunday, 1 February 2015

Hello February!

Happy to say goodbye to January, my least favourite month but it wasn't so bad this year and went by relatively quickly. Let's hope February is the same - I'm longing for Spring and warmer, sunnier days.

I've given my February Goals some thought, all achievable! 
Water consumption has carried over from January, I'm 2lbs off my 3st award so that should be achievable. I 'might' introduce a run again but don't want painful shin splints, so we'll see about that and the shopping, well any excuse to go shopping!!!!!

I have also decided now that orders have finally started to slow down, it's been silly busy since September, that I shall give my house a little attention. Needs a jolly good dust, hoover and clear out. So I'm going to tackle a room at a time - wish me luck, I'll need it - starting on Monday, well it is the weekend!

I've also made a new Slimming World breakfast discovery which is going to be a weekend favourite - 'Baked Oats'. They are absolutely yummy - it's just 35g of porridge oats, 50ml of milk and a beaten egg, all mixed together. You can add sugar, sweetener, syrup, honey, vanilla essence, almond essence, chocolate shot, whatever to the mix to sweeten it up. Then put in a small dish sprayed with Frylight to bake for 20 mins at 200c. I then added a drizzle of syrup to the top and had it with raspberries and a pear. It was so filling and felt like a really yummy treat. You could add fruit before you bake but then you'd have to add a syn value to the cooked fruit. Would be nice with yogurt and for you non slimmers, cream or ice-cream - give it a go x

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