Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Another dose of.....

.... 5 minutes of fame!!

Today my story is shared in the Daily Mirror and on-line

I only know, as a fab Instagram follower commented this morning, that she'd just seen me on the BBC1 News. It was during the papers review section - they were actually commenting on a 'potato story' on the same page but my pics were held up on the TV for all to see!

This also enlightened me to the fact that my story was in the Daily Mirror today (no one tells you!!)
They've taken the Instagram angle rather than the Ideal Home take.

My meals don't look too bad put together like that x
You can find me on Instagram HERE

I also thought this was quite a nice pic, taken by the professional photographer that came to the house 3 weeks ago.

So as I review my SW Month of September - it's been an exciting one!

Not only has my story been shared in the local paper but also by the Nationals - little me in the newspapers!! I also celebrated my one year anniversary with Slimming World, 14 weeks at Target and still eating masses of good, healthy food. I can't quite believe all that's happened this past month - what a fabulous way to celebrate my achievements. 


mumofsix said...

Little you indeed! Fabulous. Your insta pics look like a work of art. You need to have it made into a poster for your new kitchen!

That's a beautiful pic of you too.
Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You will inspire even more people now! Perhaps SW magazine will want to feature you next?!
Enjoy your fame, you have worked hard and deserve the recognition!
Mandy x

KC'sCourt! said...

Congratulations. You look great. I saw your pictures on BBC Breakfast too
Julie xxxxxx

Angel Jem said...

Famous!! And you deserve it. Well done!