Sunday, 13 December 2015

She's so lovely xx

Jeff got us tickets to see Scouting for Girls for my birthday 
and last night we headed to Cardiff for the main event.

It's an easy journey and Cardiff welcomed us with this.

We got there earlier enough to park, and go grab something to eat!

Then we headed to the Student Union, queueing amongst 20 somethings, feeling our age (not) I don't think we scrub up too badly, seeing as we're in our mid 40's now (eek!)

I must say it was worth the drive, worth the queues and worth feeling old for a bit because once they started playing I could have been 20 all over again. They were BRILLIANT - well worth going to see if you ever get the chance. I'm still humming, singing, arm punching!! all the tunes out today.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! You never too old. You both look fab anyway! Age is not a barrier, only attitude is! I will take inspiration from you to keep me young! He he. Glad you enjoyed it. Mandy X