Sunday, 20 December 2015

There's a little bit of Christmas in the air....

After saying 'we're not doing Christmas this year' a few things have been added to the mix.

I couldn't resist this cushion in the Sainsburys sale.


Once you start wrapping you can't help but make the place look festive x

I've been out for my Slimming World Christmas do! and felt a million dollars - so different from Christmases past! 

We had a great night - delicious food, great company. 
I even danced SOBER!!

I enter the festive season still in my target range of between 8st7lbs and 8st13lbs. I shall enjoy myself  over the Christmas period but am determined to still be in target at next weigh in.

Somebody who is changing by the week it seems, is Sam - he won't stop growing!! The pic on the left was taken in February, the one on the right this week! He is now 5ft 5.5inches, Jeff is 5ft 11 so he hasn't got too much further to go, I want him to stop, just for a bit, he's growing up far too fast, they both are! But they're both glad school is over for the holidays - Sam will no doubt spend the 2 weeks chained to his computer, Sophie? well she's busy wrapping pressies at the mo, Christmas tunes on full. Has some Christmas baking planned and we're both looking forward to next year and having a lovely kitchen to do it in.

Hope your Christmas prep is all going to plan - not long now until the big Ho Ho Ho!!

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KC'sCourt! said...

Have a great Christmas
Julie xxxxxxx