Sunday, 20 December 2015

Week 7 - build update

Another huge amount of progress this week!

The roof steel has gone up......

......and the roof joists are in place.

Next week the plan is to felt and batten the roof and get it 'in the dry' for Christmas.

Today has been the first day we've had a chance to have a good feel for the space with the builders not here and it dry for once. The kitchen space is as big as I had planned/imagined it to be. It's going to be a fantastic space and we're having to go for underfloor heating due to there not being enough usable wall space for radiators but it will hopefully work out for the best

And the bedroom is more than we could have hoped for. Our initial intention was to try and make the best use of the space above the kitchen but the architect has planned in a very high pitch ceiling, which has given us much more space than we could have hoped for. Reckon we will get a good 3m run of wardrobe space. We've opted in for a dormer window as the view out across to Glastonbury Tor is too good to lose, so a fabulous space that we didn't really think we'd get!

Only half a week this side of Christmas to record, then the Christmas break and then back in January with the arrival of the electricians and plumbers for the first fix! Couldn't be happier with the progress and workmanship - here's to the next stage x

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