Sunday, 3 April 2016

Jogging along

Life in holiday mode is so much more enjoyable, no less busy but all 'jogging along' at a better pace. Each day we've had orders to get from the unit in Shepton, we've brought a piece of furniture or box or two back with us from the storage unit. My Granny has very kindly given us some money to hire proper removals, so on the 13th of April we bring everything out of storage and over to the house.

This cupboard could fit in the car and is now home to all the everyday plates, bowls, mugs, glasses etc. It's meant we can now clear the worktops again of everything. Next thing we really need is the larder cupboard, so all the food can have a proper home. I know, I have a kitchen this big and no where to put the food!!! but the larder cupboard was planned to be home to it all (eventually)

Sam's got his room back! We got around to moving the tumble dryer out of his room and down into the utility. I'm still a long way off tackling this room but at least it means he can access his wardrobe again, so no excuses not to put his clothes away!

The painting that needed doing immediately in the kitchen is now done, although the internal doors and door frames still need to be done. We've given the floor a proper steam clean, so ready for the furniture to come out of storage now.

So my next big challenge is to paint the bedroom skirting boards, cupboard doors, wardrobe, shutters etc, steam clean the floor ideally by the weekend, so we can move up into our new bedroom. This will free up the downstairs front room that we've been using as a bedroom, to house everything from the storage unit temporarily. It's a little bit of a juggling act but I really want to go through everything out of storage and do another round of decluttering rather than just shove it all somewhere, forget about it and then keep adding more stuff to it! I WILL have a clutter free house lol, one day!

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