Sunday, 17 April 2016


Busy, busy, busy - this week has gone by in a flash.
My Granny very kindly paid for removals, so on Wednesday we emptied not one but two storage spots, filled the van in the pic and brought everything back here to the house. What doesn't get put away here and used is now going - no keeping, just in case!!! It is simply shocking at how much stuff we have!

So the latter half of the week has been about unpacking and sorting the kitchen out, now the big bits of furniture are here.

My old larder cupboard is now back in full use.
I love it x

The old sideboard is in - was going to paint it (still might!) but it's growing on me in the new space, just as it is. 

My little corner is getting there. I have really missed having my pictures and prints up. I still have boxes of them but will style each room as I go along and see what's left.

I've given the sitting room a jolly good dust, hoover and clean up and rearranged the furniture in a more sensible way. Realistically this room isn't going to get any attention until at least the Summer holidays, late August at the earliest, so it needed to be more habitable.

Jeff has given the hedge out the front it's first haircut. It needs to come down another foot at least so it can be maintained easier but that will have to be one weekend now, as he's back to work on Monday.

So as we enjoy a sunny Sunday and have a 6 week school term ahead until the next break, I can start to think about warmer, sunnier days - even got the summer shoes out today. My plan for the weeks ahead is to get back into a more routined running pattern, back to 3x 5k runs a week if I can. Re-focus my attentions to Slimming World, I've been doing it, maintaining at the top of my target range but would like to lose a few pounds before out trip to Sorrento in 12 weeks time arrives. My next big project is to strip, prep and paint the box room, including the floor. This is now going to become my room for all my wrapping papers ribbons, studio stuff etc and Jeff is going to have the downstairs front reception room eventually. He has set up a little corner in there for now, instead of being up on the landing but that will be one of the last rooms I will paint.

So another week gone and a busy week ahead - enjoy x


Mair Dyer said...

Love your summer shoes.

dots and spots said...

They're from Clarks @Mair Dyer

Mair Dyer said...

Love your summer shoes.