Friday, 30 September 2016


I love my son dearly but he can be extremely annoying, especially when I try to nibble on something I shouldn't or pick on leftovers, he's there in the background saying 'target'. It annoys me because I know he's right, I will never get back to 'target' if I keep picking. So at the beginning of this month we had a bet of £5 - I keep the fiver if I get to 'target', he wins the fiver if I don't!

Well this morning on the 30th, last day of the month, I did it! I got to TARGET! 
Sam will be disappointed to lose but being a nice Mum, I'm giving him the £5 anyway. Without our bet, I wouldn't have been so determined and focused to get to target, so in a way he has really helped me out. 

I also decided to change my target this morning from 9st to 9st 3lbs. The thought of losing another 3lbs to get to the bottom of my target range was just too much and I need to be at a weight I can sustain forever, 9 stone is my happy place, so 9 stone is now the bottom of my target range too. 
The rules of Slimming World allow you to go 3lbs above and below your target weight, so by setting my target to 9 stone 3lbs, I can stay at 9 stone, sitting happily at the bottom of target range and will not allow myself to get to 9 stone 7lbs which would take me above.

Sophie and I have just celebrated with cake! It is allowed on the Slimming World plan as long as you account for it. The hard work begins again at staying here, within the target bubble but I do feel I'm now at a happy weight both physically and mentally and as long as my size 8 jeans fit, I'm happy.

Have a great weekend x

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Mrs LH said...

Congratulations - it's such an achievement for you.
Although I'm a follower of your Instagram account (I have a strange user name on there!!), I've only recently discovered your blog.
I'm also on a weight loss attempt. Over the last 6 years or so I've gone from almost 16st to currently 11st 13lb - not a huge loss for the time period involved!! I have to be careful with diets as I have the added complication of diabetes but am hoping to be 10st by the start of December. Your journey is an inspiration!