Friday, 7 October 2016

Friday catch up

Can't quite believe where the weeks are going at the moment - October has certainly brought Autumn with it, lovely sunshine still but a chill in the air.

I've succumbed to buying a pair of cheap reading glasses, as I'd noticed I was having to hold things further away to read the small print. I will get my eyes properly tested when there is some spare cash in the pot but these will do for now.

I always think once there is a chill in the air, my thoughts do turn to Christmas. I have my Mum's, sister's and niece's birthdays in October and Sophie's and mine in November, so once I start looking for these, I find I start thinking ahead to Christmas. I always carry around this little book to start making lists of ideas for everyone, just ideas for now.

I'm well and truly back in the Slimming World zone and am delighted to have got back into target. I want a couple of focused weeks now, so I stay at the bottom of my range with all these birthdays on the horizon and half term just a couple of weeks away.

I have been busy painting - 3 coats on the walls and ceiling and I'm done! Jeff now needs to lay the wooden floor and sand it, before I can paint it - half term is going to be busy. It will be so nice to get this room done. Although we only spend a couple of hours in it a day, I've missed having a lovely space to relax in and I've really missed having all my pictures up on display. I've been doing yoga once a week up at Jeff's school, so I might even get yoga dvd and try it out at home in here, as there will be enough space. We still need to lay the fireplace tiles and find a fire, plus curtains, rugs, coffee tables etc but as someone said, 'that's the fun bit' and a trip to Ikea could be on the horizon x

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Debdor said...

You should check out La redoute, they have some lovely things like rugs in their sale online.