Sunday, 10 December 2017

Christmas ready

I think a very interesting insight that has come out of social media, is when people put up their Christmas trees. Now I know there is no right or wrong time but it is quite revealing how very different people are. Now I personally go for about two weeks before Christmas, depends slightly on where the weekend falls, as it's normally Sophie and I who put it up. A family friend  recently commented on Facebook that we were too early and there had to be a '2' in front, so the 20th onwards, far too late for me but it does illustrate how we all have our way of 'doing' Christmas and it differs greatly. Trees up in November is too early for me, even early December, I guess I would go for any time around the 10th...... 

....this weekend then!
Our tree is now up, the house cleaned from top to bottom in readiness.

We have the main tree up in the kitchen as it's the room we spend the most time in together, although you have to be careful not to put chocolaty gifts under this tree because of the under floor heating!

In the sitting room we have a smaller tree - we bought this one in Ikea last year - perfect size for in here. We have plenty of additional lights in here too, so it does feel Christmassy.

Perfect sofa spot - tree, lights, Bailey's, Christmas movie.....

Are you ready for Christmas yet?


KC'sCourt! said...

One year we put our tree up on 26th November. The one and only time I hasten to add. It was our son's birthday, but it was the only time we could all get together as a family before he and then fiance were going to Australia. So it was up four weeks before the big day. I have to say I got a bit fed up with it all, normally it goes up about 15th for us

Julie xxxxx

Mrs LH said...

Our tree went up at the weekend - hope it lasts a while! We have a few lights up outside - some entwined with a clematis around the back door, a few around the front door and a line of dangly icicles along the.....greenhouse 😂😂. Sounds naff but looks lovely! Inside the house is very twinkly too. In fact it's all given me the urge for a mega decluttering session in January.