Wednesday, 27 December 2017

He's beeeeen!

So Christmas has been and gone! 
We woke at a reasonable time on Christmas morning and as always grateful for the array of gifts under the tree for everyone.

As I said before, it was just the four of us here. Still made an effort with the table etc, not so sure about the unexpected addition, flying through the pic!!

I as always, cooked the lunch and had my washer-upper by my side!

Sophie had been poorly (sick) all day Christmas Eve, so she was more of a spectator at the actual lunch, whilst her brother proudly ate 15 roast spuds!

Traditional turkey dinner!

Jeff was most appreciative as always x

The evening was spent slumped on the sofa, watching Strictly through a mountain of pressies, too full to move!

Had a quiet Boxing day with everyone doing their own thing. I cooked lunch, Jeff went out for a walk and some fresh air, Sophie feeling better, sat and read and Sam spent most of his day on his computer, having bought some new games in the sale. 

We have to timetable Sam in to spend time downstairs with everyone or we never see him! Christmas day we watched 'Hidden Figures' and last night the 'Big Fat Quiz'. He's not up yet this morning (Wednesday), Sophie is off to pay in her Christmas money into the bank,  I'm off to work, Jeff's tutoring, so a normal day really and back to the realities of normal every day.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas - New Year to plan for now and as always, a fresh start for many of us. I know I will be making some promises to myself xx


Ali said...

What a brilliant film Hidden Figures is!! Sounds and looks like a fab Christmas x

KC'sCourt! said...

Hope your daughter has got over whatever it was. Looks like you had a wonderful family Christmas

Julie xxxxxxx