Sunday, 31 December 2017

New member!

'drawing that line'
'nip it in the bud'
'face facts'

However you wish to phrase it, the time had come...... re-join Slimming World.
I've been struggling all year pretty much to maintain my weight loss. Read every book available to find the easy answer and basically came to the conclusion, that there is of course no easy answer and with my PCOS, I have to be good and eat the right things all the time or I'll put the weight back on, more so than most! I took the summer off plan and basically gave up completely in November and December if I'm honest, eating whatever I fancied. My meals were still on plan but the bits in between weren't!

 So on Saturday the 30th of December (yes madly before the New Year celebrations are over), I joined a new Slimming World group, which just so happens to be in the school directly opposite my house, so no excuses not to make it! I weighed in as a new member, so a new mini weight loss journey ahead. I know totally what to do, I just need the structure and accountability of being weighed every week, to keep me focused and on plan. 

I will go back to following the plan properly but will have the added layer of PCOS in mind, going low/no carb, dairy and sugar, so using my syns for good fats, nuts, seeds, avocado's etc.

I treated myself to a Magimix with my Christmas money and when I get a bit of time, I'll see what it does! Looks good from the research I've done so far.

I also got these other bits for Christmas - mini grill pan and some great books to look through for meal ideas and just general healthy living.

Things are not disastrous, I've not piled all the weight back on but I was most certainly at the point of it going that way, had I not re-joined. I'm now feeling motivated and enthused going into the new year and am looking forward to feeling like the old 'new me' if that makes sense.

Wishing you all a happy and HEALTHY 2018! x


nickynackynoo said...

I think it's a really brave move to go back. You've done so amazingly (and still look great - I love the jumper in your final photo). Happy 2018 x

dots and spots said...

Thanks nickynackynoo I'm determined the weight isn't going back on, so I have to face the scales. Since moving I struggled to get to my old group regularly, so going over the road gives me no excuses. I'm weirdly looking forward to having a rigid structure again with a weigh in at the end of the week x