Saturday, 20 January 2018

Yay! Week 3

Wow! the third week of January is done!
Still filling it with flowers to cheer up these miserable grey days.

Treated myself to this little spotty number, yes I do still like my spots. Although given the amount of these that went through the checkout on Thursday, every woman in the locality will be wearing one! 

Slimming World weigh in this morning, boy it comes around quickly. Lost another 1.5lbs, so that's 9.5lbs in 3 weeks, pretty pleased with that and that means only 13lbs to bet me back into target.

Doesn't help that I have the weekly cookie bake still to do. I now make a batch of cookies every week for the packed lunches, as the ones I was buying contained so much sugar. These still obviously do but nowhere near the amount of the shop bought ones.

I was looking back through my blog - hard to believe it's 2 yrs ago now that this room was being built. The underfloor heating had just gone in and the screed about to be laid. Hard to remember it like that now, although at the time it was hard to imagine a finished room!

So, I end this post going back to the beginning - filling the house with flowers to rid the January Blues. Daff's are back in the shops at a £1 a bunch - best £1 spent I'd say.

Have a good week x

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Miffy257 said...

Love that you can buy the daffodils so cheaply at this gloomy time of year, really need the sunshine of their blooms. Have just started my slimming world journey, 2 weeks in and 6 lbs down.