Saturday, 27 January 2018

Week 4 - so technically, January is done!

So January is coming to an end - one positive is that blood oranges are in season - sweet, juicy and full of vitamin C.

I hopped on the scales this morning, lost another pound, taking me to a loss of 10.5lbs for the month of January. I'm really pretty chuffed with that. Aiming for slow and steady, with only 12lbs to see me back in target.

Eating food off lovely crockery makes things even better - loving the Helsinki range in Sainsbury's at the moment and with my staff discount, even better.

I had to take some time off to use up my holiday quota, so I've been tackling the bathroom finally. It's only been 2 years!! I think because we all use it so much I've been putting it off.....

....but I'm nearly done and Jeff and I are off to look at vinyl flooring tomorrow!

Daff's are still brightening up the greyest and wettest of days but I do believe the evenings are getting a little lighter.

Catkins seem to be out in full this year, I seem to be seeing loads when out and about. Not good for Sophie and her hay fever but lovely to see all the same.

Will post a picture of the bathroom when it's all done - 2nd coat of gloss going on tomorrow, then at least everything can go back whilst we wait for the flooring. Will be glad to finish!

Have a great week x

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