Saturday, 17 March 2018


It's been a funny old week of normal really! Nothing exciting to report, nothing but normal has really happened this week. I worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, day off on Friday! Sophie had her last ever parents evening, all good to report, just those pesky exams to get done and over with now before the next adventure begins. Slimming World, then clothes shopping with the boy this morning and cookies baked for the week ahead this afternoon, before work again tomorrow.

Desperately needing, wanting, pleading for Spring to arrive (properly) it's blumin freezing again today. I need some warm sunshine pronto, completely fed up of the cold now.

Here's hoping the Easter break will be lovely and sunny x

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Debdor said...

I feel like we are ' owed ' a wonderful Easter break now after all this snow and it seems like every weekend has been miserable, after sunny days in the week! I need to get outside now and soak up some sun - even if it is chilly...