Friday, 2 March 2018

Hello March!

Well March you made your arrival well and truly known - the 'Beast of the East' arrived later in Somerset than other parts of the country. I secretly hoped we'd got away without any of the snow and disruption but no!!

After the 'do we go to school, don't we' debate on Thursday morning, I decided to keep the kids at home, as I was working and wouldn't be able to go in early to collect them. Thankfully school then officially closed at 12:30 and made the sensible decision to close all day today (Friday). It was like Christmas at work, soooooo busy and the bread and milk aisles were left bare by early afternoon.

I hate the snow and the disruption it causes but these two waited all day for there to be enough snow to go out in! 

I must be getting old, I much prefer looking at it from the warmth and comfort of inside!

We've woken this morning to iced up windows and drifting snow and ice, as the winds have been so strong and bitterly cold. Jeff went off to work this morning, no excuse for a snow day as he's just a 5 minute walk away. I cancelled my coffee date plans, thankfully I wasn't due to work today, and have a day at home with the kids, who are currently outside, making the most of the snow!!

The Tor is looking white and wintery this morning.....

But my poor daffs aren't loving the wintery look!!
I thought I'd chosen the perfect spot - lovely view from the kitchen window, sheltered corner but alas the wind and the cold and now the snow have got the better of them.

These two are out again making the most of it before it goes. Got them clearing the snow off the soft top as it's now just ice. More snow is forecast, got no plans for tomorrow but I'm back in work again on Sunday, hoping I don't have to walk in but we'll see.

 Love it or hate it, there's not much we can do about it but stay safe and warm.
Have a good weekend x

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