Sunday, 6 May 2018

May Bank Holiday

It's on days like today, when the weather is glorious, that I miss the perks of being self employed! The Bank Holiday weekend is set to be glorious and yesterday I stupidly agreed to do overtime, today I have made the most of the weather, as I've had a day off and am then working for the next 4 consecutive days. It's been lovely to spend the day at home, soaking up the sunshine as much I can!

Earlier on in the week the boiler man came and rescued us from our 'no hot water' hell! Our little white box of happiness, as Jeff now affectionately refers to it!

I spent Thursday in Bath, enjoying the start of the sunny weather and knowing I won't get a chance to go there until the half term break. I had a few birthday presents and cards to get and Sophie and I wanted to try out some new gluten free pastries you can only get in M&S.

It's always lovely to leave Street and venture somewhere different, I love Bath and a spot of people watching in Kingsmead Square.

Life at home is still in 'revision' mode, with some more effective than others! Keeping everything on an even keel is key at the moment - it's moments like this that I want to remember. I spotted the first apple blossom out, went to take a pic, with everyone following on behind me and my phone camera was in selfie mode - this 'accidental shot' made my day - just wish Sam was hanging out of the bathroom window waving!!

This was the apple blossom I intended to take a pic of!

Enjoy your sunny day tomorrow, both Jeff and I are working, so I'll try not to glimpse outside, to see what I'm missing. Think Friday, my next day off, rain is forecast - will have to get used to set hours and not dwell, at least the washing will be dry when I get home!

Have a great week x

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