Sunday, 2 September 2018

80th Birthday Celebrations

So today we celebrated Jeff's Dad's birthday. It's become an annual event, as Jeff's brother's birthday is just 2 days before but a special one this year, celebrating his 80th. 

Always slightly tricky to juggle over the first weekend in September, as Jeff always has work commitments for the returning boarders at school. We had to leave early, before the pud! (catastrophe I know, but we had cake!!) but a lovely lunch with the family, squeezed in before it was back to work for him.

It's lovely to get everyone together.

And all his grandchildren too, which is now harder to orchestrate, with 3 at or about to start University.

He didn't want anything but Jeff found a print of his beloved Mansfield Town Football Club.

So a lovely lunch, family time and another celebration to add to this Summer's list x

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Mrs LH said...

I live 5 miles from Mansfield! I've never been to watch Stags though - not a footy fan! Hubby supports Leeds Utd. I wonder if your father in law is from the same area? Anyway, it looks like he had a lovely day.