Sunday, 23 September 2018

A brand new exciting adventure lies ahead

Finally, the time has come to pack!!!

Now if it wasn't for my father and the fantastic packing skills he passed my way, I wouldn't have had a hope in hell's chance of getting this all in our little Micra but....

I did!! And I was quietly very proud of myself too.

There was even room for Sophie, just!!!

Although he says he won't, he'll miss her now she's gone. 
We already have a shopping trip to Bristol booked in together, I need a new shopping buddy!!

So today the alarm was set for 5:50, out the door by 6:30am and it was pouring, not the weather forecast you want to see when moving loads of stuff, although they have good weather for Freshers Fortnight which is probably the better way round.

We made good time, to be fair it's a 2hr trip really, door to door and once there we were allowed to start moving her in straight away, whilst it was still relatively quiet.

Poor Jeff kept going back and forth with the stuff, as Sophie and I started unpacking in the dry. We did offer to help but he was insistent and as a result, got very, very wet!! Once everything was in, Jeff and I left her to start unpacking, whilst we found the nearest supermarket and did a quick food shop, just to get her started and buy a dry top and socks for Jeff. She's in a mixed flat of 10, all rooms off a central corridor, her room is lovely and clean, on the ground floor and...

.... there's a big kitchen/dining/social area....

....which she shares with her 9 housemates at the end of the corridor. 

We did a quick walk onto campus to grab a coffee and pick up a few bits and then.... was time to say goodbye!

I'm going to miss her terribly, we are very close, do a lot together but she is ready to become an independent young woman. She is so excited about the year ahead, her course, the social life, making new friends, just throwing herself into University life and all it has to offer.

Not gonna lie, I shed a few tears on the way home.

But as we passed Stonehenge on the way home, we commented that in just 5 weeks time we'd be doing it again, when we visit in half term, Just a 'hello, probably food shop and lunch out' type of visit. Of course she can change her mind but she's going to try not to come home until Christmas, give it all a proper amount of time to settle and get used to being completely independent.

I loved my Uni years, still have fabulous friends from my time there, so here's hoping she has the best time and makes the best friends throughout her 4 years there xx

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