Wednesday, 19 September 2018

It's nearly time....

.... for Sophie to go off to Uni and start a whole new big adventure. 
So before she goes, we've been making sure she sees the people that matter.
She met with friends on the Thursday evening....

then on Saturday we met up with my sister and niece in Bath, for lunch.

Then on Monday evening, after I finished work, we drove down to Cornwall so she could catch up with her, Granny, Bubba and Great Granny for lunch on the Tuesday.

You can't go to Cornwall and not see the sea, so we had the perfect excuse to go Godrevy and blow the cobwebs away.

Then today, Wednesday, we've popped into Wells for the morning and she went to see her Grandpa to have a quick chat and say goodbye. She probably wouldn't have seen that much of them all if she were here but going away does make it all seem a little more necessary, to just say goodbye.

It felt a little naughty going down to Cornwall on a school day but it was lovely to have a catch up and see the sea. Tomorrow we start the packing, gives us Friday to get anything we've forgotten, Saturday to pack the car, need a small miracle to get it all in the Micra and then it's off, 6:30 start on the Sunday!!

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