Friday, 11 January 2019

5 weeks and counting!

So yesterday was the day, the day Sophie returned to Reading!
We drove back, car full again! Stopped off a huge Sainsbury's, the far side of Reading to do a food shop, unloaded the car, defrosted her freezer the best I could! Reorganised her freezer shelf, fridge shelf, food cupboard etc then had lunch, before heading home.

It was so much easier to say goodbye x
I now know she's happy, got good friends, feels settled, so it was so much easier to leave this time and it is only 5 weeks until our half term/her reading week, when we'll either visit for the day or she'll come home for a couple of days. I will miss her terribly, it's been lovely having her around again but as long as I know she's okay, I can deal with her being away and we do chat often, which helps.

As always, I've been filling January with bulbs, they've smelt heavenly. The first daffs were sold last week, so once these pass their best, my £1 a bunch favourites, will be taking their place.

Even outside, they're making a head for the light. 
I really do hope we have a reasonable spell of weather now, get through the next 5 weeks as best we can, bit of a tick off affair. I do find Winter tends to linger longer than I'd like but as Sam and I were saying the other day, it's got a little lighter in the evening's, he is now walking back from the bus in daylight!

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