Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Hello 2019!

Pinch and a punch.......

.....hello 2019!

We welcomed in the New Year together. 
Sam's plans changed, so we spent the evening having a family meal, playing Cluedo, Sophie and I watched Mamma Mia and then we saw in the Bongs of Big Ben and the fireworks together.

This morning I'm the only one up and awake. I'm off to work in a bit!
As always you chat about your hopes and dreams, plans and wishes for the year ahead. Jeff will be turning 50, so would like to enjoy his big year, injury free (well he is getting old!!) I'd like to be a little selfish and give myself a little time and attention - nothing major but I would like to get back to Target this year, get back to being as healthy as I was a year ago or is it two now!?! Sam will start to learn to drive this year!!! And Sophie? When asked she said "nothing really, stay as I am, happy" What a great way to start the new year x 

Here's hoping 2019 is a happy and healthy year for us all.

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