Sunday, 27 January 2019

Last Sunday in January

A lazy Sunday here, the last Sunday in January!
 Sam's working, just Jeff and I at home all day, such a rarity!

It's freezing out, super windy but perfect weather to dry Sam's white t-shirt collection1

I've not done much other than work this week. I did spend my day off sorting through a box of old photo's that's probably patiently waited to be sorted for about 3 years!

We haven't aged a bit!! (I wish) 
Parga, Greece 1995

My love of Doc Martens goes way back x
London 1995

Still trying to brighten up the grey January days with a burst of yellow!
I really do think it makes a difference to my mood, just having a burst of yellow brightens up everything no end. That and playing my fave tunes really loudly, whilst drinking copious mugs of black coffee - could do a lot worse!!


ElaineD said...

I love your blog Becky and always look out for a new post every Sunday xx

dots and spots said...

Ah thank you, that's very kind. Have a lovely week ElaineD x

zzoe said...

very perfect weather!!!