Monday, 22 April 2019

Easter weekend

We've been treated to some gloriously warm weather after last weekend's freezing, blustery trip to Cornwall. I've still worked but on my days off, Sophie and I have been to Bath for the day and down to Taunton Sainsbury's, as it's bigger, there was 25% off TU clothing and I get a bigger discount this week.

Everything in the garden is coming into blossom and leaf, enjoying the sunshine too.

I worked Good Friday but had Easter Saturday and Sunday off, doing nothing but enjoy the weather and warm sunshine out in the garden.

Jeff and I did go further afield on Saturday evening, 
down to Exeter University to see.....

....The Specials. 

It was his 50th birthday gift to himself, to see The Specials Encore 40th Anniversary Tour. 
Not really my cup of tea but he enjoyed it and I guess a little payback for the numerous times I've made him come with me to see Take That over the years and in a few weeks time too, when they come to Bristol.

It really has been glorious weather, although all set to change by mid week.

Sophie has kept me company, whilst Jeff has been busy refereeing. 
Sam has been doing some revision for his mocks, catching up with friends and working his way through his EPQ, oh and a few days at his job, working. Sam goes back to school tomorrow, Jeff on Wednesday, so he's taking Sophie back to Reading tomorrow, as I'm working.

It's been lovely having everyone together at home and a real bonus being to eat outside the past couple of days. I will miss Sophie when she goes back.

I started a new diet approach today - the Fast800. I've an annoying stone I've faffed about with, trying to lose for well over a year now. Got in a bit of a rut with SW, so am trying something new and this is good for my PCOS too. Anyway I have a clear stretch of a few weeks, with nothing on, so am giving it a proper go. Ive trialled fasting and time restricted eating, I know what will work for me, just adding in the stricter food focus for a few weeks and will see if I can make a dent in this annoying stone!

Hope you've all enjoyed this glorious weather, fingers crossed there's plenty more of this to come over the next few months.

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