Saturday, 27 April 2019

Final Summer term....

It's been a lovely Easter break, gorgeous weather for the last part, so I guess it was a little harder for Sophie going back and the prospect of exams ahead. She's only got 8 weeks left though of her first year. We've a meet up in London in the diary and she's hoping to pop back and vote in the European elections, as it'll be the first time she can vote! and then before you know it she'll be back for the summer. She's already got work lined up for a couple of months and trips back to Reading to see friends factored in, plus she gets to come on holiday with us.

With the lovely sunshine and added warmth, the garden was beginning to flourish. What a difference a week makes, currently sat her typing with 50mph gusts of wind, blowing any remaining blossom into touch! It's been sunnier than forecast but certainly not sitting out weather. Hoping my alliums stay upright in this wind.

I've made the most of the wet weather and spent my day off on Friday washing the kitchen floor, hoovering throughout, catching up and just a general tidy up now the holidays are over. 
Sam's got his Mocks next week, he's ensuring me he's doing some work, I guess the results will tell. Not sure if these are the grades that will go down on his UCAS application, as they no longer sit AS exams. He's pretty sure on wanting to take a year out, he is an August baby, so young for his year. We are going to go to a couple of Open Days, just to get him thinking about it all but as yet he has no idea what he wants to do, possibly Chemistry, so that's a start!

Here's hoping the weather improves - I need sunshine!!

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