Sunday, 7 April 2019

Golden Celebrations

So yesterday was a special day, well Saturday 5th of April 1969 to be precise, the day my parents got married - and together we celebrated, as a family, their 50 years of marriage.

I offered to host the lunch, went along the lines of a golden, yellow theme!
I love a theme!

By chance I remembered I'd stumbled across a few of their wedding photos a month or so ago - the perfect addition and place settings for the special couple.

I made it simple but delicious and always plentiful.

My Cornishware came into its own.....

.....looked a treat with all the yellow

And there was cake, of course there was cake - wouldn't be a celebration without cake.

Cut by the 'bride and groom' !!!

A four tier, raspberry and salted caramel cake.

The older I get, the more I realise what an achievement these milestones are -50 years of marriage these days is quite an accomplishment. I can't quite believe that Jeff and I will be celebrating 23 years married this August - doesn't seem possible.

So a pic of the happy couple, 50 years down the line x

With Granny, my Dad's Mum - 96 in July, another milestone worth celebrating!

Me and my Sis - her 50th this year, mine next - eekk!!

And the Grandchildren - Sophie 19, Sam 16 and Ella 10 - the youngest but edging ever closer to Sophie in the height stakes

And finally US! 
Jeff obviously was there but took the photo x
And Mike, Jo's hubby was playing Hockey.

So I guess their 55 year anniversary is next - Emerald!
Something to look forward to x

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