Saturday, 13 July 2019

Fab week, results, Bath, SFG

What a week! Soph got her results on Tuesday - a First for Year One!
Not that it counts towards her degree but will helpfully aid securing a good placement year,
 in Year 3. Her face says it all, over the moon and one very proud Mum, resulting in treats on our day out in Bath xx

The boy has applied for his Provisional License!! 
How is that even possible!?! Keep off the roads mid August!!

In between work and everything else, I've been thinking about our holidays. I'm such a list maker, don't like to leave anything to chance - think I'm getting there!

Last night, other than Sophie's results, was the highlight of the week for me
 Scouting for Girls at the Cheese and Grain in Frome! 
Fourth time for Jeff and I seeing them, but Sophie's first and they did not disappoint. We ended up right at the front, for me they are THE best live band. Best songs, can't help but dance and sing along and fair play to Howlin' for Riley, the support band, best we've had, other than Rick that is! But boy was it hot! They were giving away free bottles of water and let's just say, we all had to shower when we got home!!

Sophie started listening to them last Summer, her playlist to her A Levels - her destress in the car, roof down in the mini with SFG's playing on full volume! They'll play She's so Lovely at Uni but they are coming to Reading during their new tour, so I think she'll persuade some others and go see them again! Jeff and I will be trying to get tickets for Bristol, worth every penny x

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